Are cereal bars good for you?
MUSLER and SmartBar cereal bars not only offer a great taste but also a great mix of highly healthy ingredients, unlike the traditional snacks and sweets, they come with a lot of healthy cereals made up of fiber and nuts, rich in macro and micronutrients. This combination of healthy ingredients reduces cholesterol and strengthens the blood vessel walls.
What other ingredients apart from cereals do MUSLER bars have?
Our bars have a lot of cereals, nuts, fruits, seeds and berries in them! We like to refer to them as an ideal combination of healthy micronutrients, fiber and chocolate:)
How many bars can I eat per day?
We recommend eating 1-2 bars per day.
Are there any counter-indications?
There are no counterindications except for food allergies to specific ingredients. Therefore, we highly recommend that people susceptible to allergies should read the label very carefully.
Which bars are best for athletes?
Protein Bars Smartbar Protein and Smartbar Protein PRO are great options for maintaining protein levels for muscle-building athletes. Smartbar Protein L-carnitine also contains L-carnitine - the most popular supplement in sports nutrition that restores the body after exercise, participates in fat burning and increases the body's endurance. Also for vegans there is Smartbar VEGAN Protein, completely plant-based.
When's the best time to eat a bar?
A bar is a great breakfast or a light snack during the day. It's a very convenient format: you can put it in a bag and have a snack between classes, at work, while having a walk or while travelling somewhere!
Which bars are ok to give to children? 
We recommend Chef de France fruit bars as well as MUSLER and SmartBar cereal bars for children. Not only are children bound to enjoy their great taste, but the bars are also healthy as they have a lot of useful micronutrients in them, which makes them a great alternative to the more traditional snacks and sweets!
What's the earliest age that a child can start eating protein bars at?
We recommend that children start eating SmartBar Protein bars from the age of 16 while the best age to start eating SmartBar Protein PRO and Protein L-carnitine is 18. This has to do with the recommended protein intake for children and adults given their body mass. MUSLER and SmartBar cereal bars and Chef de France fruit bars can be given to children of any age.
Which protein is the main ingredients in the smart bars? 
The main ingredient in SmartBar protein, SmartBar protein pro and SmartBar protein L-carnitine bars is whey protein concentrate. For vegans specifically we've developed the SmartBar VEGAN Protein line that are made exclusively from plant-sourced proteins.
What's L-carnitine?
L-carnitine is one of the most popular components in sports nutrition. It helps reduce weight by burning fat and boosting the effectiveness of exercises and stamina, while reducing the time the muscle tissue needs to recover after an exercise.
Do the bars contain sugar?
There is sugar in the MUSLER and Chef de France bars. According to the WHO, a person should get 50 grams of sugar per day. That's the amount required for the health functioning of our body.
How are the bars to be stored and for how long?
Practically all the bars have a 1-year shelf life. For more details see the description on the packaging. Protein bars can be kept at room temperature. The optimal storage temperature is below 25C.
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